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How Does the Web Design Process Work?

There are several steps to the complete process of building, or rebuilding a website. 

1. Before anything else, I will consult with you either by phone or in-person (if possible), to find out your needs and goals for the new site; this usually takes about an hour.

2. I will draw up a proposal based on our consultation and your budget needs.

     What’s the cost?

Depending on your site’s needs, an average website runs roughly between $500 – $900. I can produce a simple, 2 or 3 page site for less than $500. Websites that need a higher functionality than the average small business site can run from $1,000 – $1500.

3. The actual site development, including domains registration and hosting services (if needed), includes many aspects.  We will finish with a website that is functional, relevant, appealing and fits yourneeds specifically. We offer hosting packages and domain registration for web clients to make the process of obtaining (or changing) hosting and registering domains as seamless as possible.

4. Before a site goes live, there is a testing phase, where each part of the site is gone through thoroughly to make sure it’s working to the client’s expectation.

5. We’ll go-live after being sure the site meets all expectations. Following the launch, a final round of feedback from the client will be addressed if needed.

6. I will train you on how to navigate and operate your site’s back end; ongoing maintenance including software updates, additional help, and hosting and domain fees are determined as needed.